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Chairman Message

Chairman Message

Education has been the need of mankind throughout the time and it is in the human nature to keep learning for a better future. A child blossoms under the glory of its mentors for a period of at least fifteen good and priceless initial years, and gets prepared for a strong and intact career with a kind heart that is filled up with great thoughts and enthusiasm along with the sweet taste of high moral which are the essential ingredients of a good and responsible citizen. Therefore it must be ensured that any child in the society gets the appropriate mentor for the laying of his / her career. Your right and appropriate decision will always lead to a successful life because we believe that – “Education is not merely preparation for life; but education is life itself.”

Husain A Jafri

Dear Parents and Children
At Playway English School, we always keep on working harder to provide a better life for the students and make their foundation so strong and versatile that they may become self-dependent and responsible citizens. The whole curriculum in our School is designed in such a manner that it gives a stronger base that helps in training a better and thorough scholar, who is already prepared to face any competitive examination of his / her level after the completion of I.S.C. (Class 12th) Examinations. Many may feel that the I.S.C. syllabus is too comprehensive for their child to learn, but it is a universal truth that “Life is not a bed of roses” and there is no shortcut to success. More a scholar learns during his / her academic career, better the future will be because those priceless fifteen years will always remain the foundation years which have been spent or devoted in gathering education. Although a person keeps on gaining experience throughout the life but the academic period is very limited.

It is indeed a matter of great pleasure and privilege to express my views among you all. I extend my heartiest thanks to you all for visiting thisWebsite and sharing your views with us.